What is the market size of the auto glass repair industry in Australia and New Zealand?

According to IBISWorld Automotive Glass Repair and Replacement Services (AGR&RS) are a part of the Motor Vehicle Body, Paint, and Interior Repair Industry (MVBP&IR).

Based on a review of industry organisations and government data it is assumed that the auto glass repair and replacement services attribute 13% to the MVBP&IR.

Reference IBIS World Australia or New Zealand

The Auto Glass Trade Show is HERE – THANK YOU!

The first Australia and New Zealand Auto Glass industry specific Trade Show is being hosted by the AGA in March 2023.

The event is being held at the Royal Randwick Racecourse on Saturday 25 March 2023 from 10 am to 4pm.

This event presents an opportunity for those involved in the Auto Glass Industry to meet their suppliers and network with other industry members.

The Auto Glass Association as the key industry body in Australia and New Zealand has pulled together representatives from all aspects of our industry to showcase their products, this a key milestone towards the associations growth and industry recognition.

A big Thank You to All AGA members for supporting us and making this event possible.

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ADAS Determination NSW

In NSW there has been a determination made under the Motor Vehicle and Repairers Act 2013.

The Department of Fair Trade have issued a statement to the Auto Glass Association on for the industry. In this statement they have communicated their decision in relation to restrictions being placed on Windscreen Fitters and the Re-calibration of forward-facing cameras on a vehicle during the windscreen replacement process.

NSW Fair Trade current position is that repair work involving the recalibration of

ADAS technology involves electrical systems in the motor vehicle. These types of repairs can only be carried out by a tradesperson with a certificate in the motor mechanic or automotive electrician repair class.

Of primary concern is consumer safety. The person performing the calibration work must be appropriately trained with a full understanding of ADAS recalibration. Otherwise, the person may inadvertently place customers at risk by presenting vehicles with calibration system faults as completely repaired. If a camera is not calibrated or working properly, the driver may be unaware that the system is not functioning as designed by the manufacturer, therefore making the repairer liable, and putting the driver and the passengers at risk.


What does this mean for the Auto Glazing industry?

This will mean that Automotive Glaziers cannot complete this repair work as part of the windscreen repair process in the future, potentially returning vehicles to customers with replaced/new windscreen glass, but without a recalibrated ADAS system (to manufacturer guidelines) as it must then be performed in another step by a "Motor Mechanic and "Automotive Electrician" generally at other premises or location. This poses a significant risk to the motoring and pedestrian population. 

Challenges in manufacturing booking capacity and processes as well as the logistics of a potentially two-staged windscreen replacement process will be a deterrent to have the 2nd key step of recalibrating the ADAS system being skipped in many instances

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Do your customers know how much a windscreen replacement costs?

If you don’t have windscreen replacement insurance, you can expect to pay a significant  sum to replace your windscreen in Australia or New Zealand.

Canstar have looked at everything you need to know about windscreen repairs and replacements in Australia and New Zealand.


Electric Vehicles (EV) ALL THE NEWS!


Standards Australia has released the recently revised AS 5732:2022 standard, designed to improve safety and efficiency for technicians maintaining Australia’s existing electric vehicle (EV) fleet.

The standard, AS 5732:2022 Electric Vehicle Operations – Maintenance and Repair’ is an updated version of AS 5732:2015 and guides technicians on suitable ways of handling the repairs of the different ranges of EVS.

to Read more visit www.electricalconnection.com.au

NSW Proposed Introduction of EV Repair Classes

The NSW Department of Customer Service recently released a consultation paper outlining their proposal to introduce new repair classes for technicians for working on electric vehicles. The paper included a proposal to require technicians to complete a new Certificate III to be able to work on electric vehicles, with the possibility of bridging existing qualifications by the completion of additional units.

Click Here to read what the Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association (AAAA) and the Insurance Council of Australia (ICA) had to say.

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