Exhibitors may choose display options ranging from a single 3m x 3m to a larger 6m  x 4m or a combination of both. Options are available for vehicles to be included in displays on request and subject to terms and conditions (see below). 

Exhibitors wishing to display large items or customise their display size can do so by request additional costs may be required.

Exhibitors should refer to the Australian Turf Club (ATC) HSE Standard for rules and restrictions which may be related to their displays and provide the appropriate documentation as required.

Exhibitors who request to have a Motor Vehicle as a part of their display must advise the event organiser at time of registration and comply with the following.

    • fuel tank caps locked and minimum amount of fuel in the tank and the ignition keys removed.
    • refueling is not permitted in any buildings, this must be done outdoors and at least 30 meters from buildings. Vehicles on static display are to have battery leads disconnected to prevent starting by unauthorised users. Vehicles must not be driven through crowds without prior approval from security.
    • carpet tiles and drip trays are to be placed under vehicles and wheel clamps where applicable.
    • vehicles are not be started without prior approval.

The standard display booth price includes lighting, company signage, single power point 4amps, hire charges, delivery, installation and dismantling.

NB:  furniture  and flooring are not included in the exhibition fee . This may be arranged via MORETON HIRE, the OFFICIAL Auto Glass Trade Show supplier.



SIZE: 3m x 3m or 4m x 6 m

WALLS: Coal velcro compatible fabric walls 2.4m high

SIGN: 1 x white sign with black lettering per aisle frontage. Logo signage/corporate colours can be produced at an additional cost.

LIGHTING: 2 x 150 watt adjustable spotlights installed to the back of the fascia.

POWER: 1 x 4amp power point

WIFI: complimentary high density WIFI 250mb/sec per internet pipe 

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