During bump in/out the entire event site is a designated "Construction Site". Please ensure your workers and engaged contractors remain in the authorised areas.

It is a requirement that all activities contractors, service providers, organisers, exhibitors and those working for them must be dressed in a neat and tidy manner at all times whilst working in the venue. Covered footwear and safety vests must be worn onsite during the bump in and bump out of an event (unless exception is obtained via ATC Management). Clothing is to be clean, of the correct size and in good condition. Additional PPE is required for task specific activities, unless authorised by ATC Management.

All clients are required to devise and maintain safe systems of work, and comply with work, health and safety legislation.

Client and their workers, contractor's and sub-contractors are not permitted to borrow or use ATC tools or equipment other than in very rare cases where, if some good reason exists, permission has been granted by the ATC. Contractors are to provide their own tools and equipment suitable for the trade and task intended (fit-for-purpose) and which are in a good condition/state of repair.

Any person under the age of 15 years is prohibited from accessing the venue including loading docks and event areas until the event has officially opened. Visitors, family and friends are also excluded during this period.


Access will be available from 6am Saturday 25 March 2023.

Venue and loading dock attendants will be on site during this time to assist.

Exhibitors with vehicles included in their displays will be assigned by the event coordinator a time on the Friday evening before the event for the vehicle to be brought onsite. 

You must not affix items in any manner to any venue structure outside or within your display including but not limited to blu tac, tape etc.

If you are using your own event hire contractors, they will be provided access on the Friday evening prior to the event after 7.30pm.

Please note all contractors are required to provide evidence of appropriate workers compensation insurance and a signed copy of page 12 (Sign Off Acknowledgement) of the ATC Workplace Health and Safety Agreement. REFER ATC HSE STANDARD


At close of event from 4pm  to Midnight Saturday 25 March 2023 additional times may be available on the Sunday or Monday following the event, details will be confirmed closer to the event date.

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