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NSW Motor Dealers and Repairers Amendment (Tradesperson's Certificates) Regulation 2020

To All Our Members

Our industry has seen unprecedented events in NSW with the proposed changes to the NSW Motor Dealers and Repairers Act.

The announcements made on the 19th June 2020 by the NSW Minister of Innovation and  Better Regulation caught our industry of guard, the industry is  not prepared and if the recommendations were introduced as originally scheduled on the 1 September 2020, the NSW industry would have been brought to a standstill.

The AGA played an integral part in fighting for the rights of our members, in the better interest of the industry.

And as a result, we were able to obtain a deferred timeline to 1 November 2021 for the introduction of the new regulatory and licensing requirements in NSW.

It is important that our industry understands that this may not be restricted to NSW as once these new requirements are introduced it is likely that other States and Territories will follow Suite to maintain a consistency just like we have seen in recent years with Automotive Smash Repairers and Mechanics.

The AGA needs to be supported so we can play an integral role in making sure that our industry across Australia and New Zealand is recognised accordingly and able to stand alone.

What this does mean is that all Auto Glass Repairers in NSW will be required to hold an applicable Motor Vehicle Repairers Licence for the Auto Glass Class of Repair work. To be eligible for that license they will need to have completed the relevant trade qualification of a AUR20916 Certificate II in Automotive Body Repair Technology - Glazing Stream. or a Cert 111 in Automotive Glazing Technology AUR32216.

We are working with PwC Skills Australia and TAFE NSW to develop training material which reflects best industry practice.

TAFE NSW have been given a deadline by the NSW Department of Fair Trade to have an endorsed training program available for enrolment to complete the minimum Cert ll requirement by the 1 November 2020.

It has now come to our attention that following a reread of the current act there is a consensus by NSW Department of Fair Trade that ADAS Calibration falls within the Class Of Repair Work of Electrical Fitting and should be performed by only a qualified Automotive Mechanic or Automotive Electrician.

If this determination is accepted, it will mean that in NSW Automotive Glaziers will no longer be able to perform ADAS calibration for forward facing cameras on a motor vehicle.

Once again, the AGA has recently engaged with the NSW Department of Fair Trade to gain an understanding of why this opinion is held and to put forward an argument to support our industry.

We understand how this will impact those in our industry who have made considerable investments in calibration equipment and upskilling to perform these aspects of their day to day work.

The NSW Department of Fair Trade is currently reviewing our submission.

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