In some Sates and Territories you may be required to have a motor vehicle repairs licence and/or certificate if you carry on the business of motor vehicle repair work as prescribed under the Motor Vehicle Repairers Regulations in that State or Territory.

A repair business must ensure repair work is only carried out by a person who holds a certificate for the specific class of repair work, or where a person does not possess a certificate, their work is supervised by a person who holds a certificate for that class of repair work.

Classes of Work Definition - Auto Glazing

Any work required to install, repair or remove a windscreen or other glass in the body of a motor vehicle.

UPDATE Clarification of NSW Licensing Requirements from 01 November 2021.

Business License

In NSW if a business undertakes motor vehicle repair work, it requires a motor vehicle repairer’s licence. 

As from 1 November 2021, this will also include a business that undertakes auto glass repairs. 

If a business undertakes auto glass repairs only and does not already hold a motor vehicle repairers licence, the business must obtain a motor vehicle repairer’s licence by 1 November 2021NSW Application for Motor Vehicle Repairers Licence.pdf

Apply for a Motor Vehicle Repairers License

Tradesperson Certificate

In NSW a tradesperson who does motor vehicle repair work, requires a tradesperson’s certificate.

As from 1 November 2021, this will also include auto glaziers, an auto glazier who wants to continue in this trade will need to obtain the minimum CERT ll qualification and hold a tradesperson certificate.

Apply for A Tradesperson's Certificate

This means Auto Glaziers in NSW should apply for a tradesperson’s certificate by the 1 August 2021 to allow time for their application to be processed. 


A tradesperson’s certificate does not authorise the holder to carry on a business of an auto glass repairer. In order to carry on an auto glass repair business, a person must also hold a motor vehicle repairer licence and the repair work must be undertaken by a person with the relevant tradesperson’s certificate.  

Enrolments are now open with TAFE NSW for the AUR20916 

Cert ll in Automotive Body Repair Technology - (Glazing Stream) 

Priority will go to existing industry members seeking recognition of their knowledge and skills.


Western Australia

In Western Australia Motor vehicle repairers and repair businesses operating in Western Australia are regulated under the Motor Vehicle Repairers Act 2003 (the Act). The Act requires all motor vehicle repair businesses to be licensed, and the individual repairers working without supervision in those businesses to be certified.

Motor Vehicle Repairer's Licensing FAQ

Motor Vehicle Repair Certificate

You must have a motor vehicle repair certificate if you carry on the business of motor vehicle repair work as prescribed under the Motor Vehicle Repairers Regulations in Western Australia.

A motor vehicle repairer's certificate is a "licence" for individuals who: 

  • own a repair business and do repair work or supervise the repair work of others; or
  • supervise the repair work of others; or
  • works under a supervisor who does not have a certificate for the same class of repair work that you do; or
  • do repair work unsupervised.

In addition, as a certified repairer you can only supervise repair work for the particular class of repairs for which you are qualified. You may apply for certification for more than one class of repair work if you hold the appropriate qualifications and these will be endorsed on your certificate.

How to apply for Motor vehicle repairer's certificate

New South Wales


Specialised repair work from 1 November 2021

From 1 November 2021, a tradesperson’s certificate can be granted in the glazing and electrical accessory fitting repair work classes.

These specialised repair classes require at least a Certificate II qualification.

You don’t need to apply for one of these repair classes if you already hold a tradesperson’s certificate in a relevant repair class that authorises you to do the work.

For example:

  • If you hold a tradesperson’s certificate in panel beater work, you aren't required to apply for the specialised class in glazing work.
  • If you hold a tradesperson’s certificate in automotive electrician work, you aren't required to apply for the specialised class in electrical accessory fitting work.

If you don’t hold a relevant tradesperson’s certificate but wish to undertake glazing work or electrical accessory fitting work, you'll need to complete the required qualification and obtain a tradesperson’s certificate by 1 November 2021.

For More information visit Fair Trading NSW

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