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AGA continues to set the standard

On May 11, the AGA received confirmation from the Australian Standards review committee that our application to review AS/NZS2080:2006 had been accepted. 


This is second standard review the AGA has been involved with. Last year, the AGA played a key role in the revision of AS4739:2017 Direct Glazed Automotive Glass Replacement – Light Vehicles, the main Australian Standard covering the AGRR industry, published last November. Outlining current windscreen replacement practices, the document now accurately reflects the modern AGRR market. 


If you’re interested in buying AS4739:2017 Direct Glazed Automotive Glass Replacement – Light Vehicles please visit the SAI Global website here.


The AGA advises you hold off purchasing AS/NZS2080:2006 Safety Glazing For Land Vehicles until the release of the revision.


If you’re interested in becoming an AGA member and joining the association that helped write the industry standard, contact us here.


VLT laws are a changin’

Since November 2017, NSW, QLD, the ACT and South Australia have all changed VLT laws for aftermarket film on windows behind the driver, each reducing the minimum allowance to 20% VLT on windows behind the B pillar.


These changes come about after the National Transport Commission recommendations, released in 2016.


Western Australia already had a 20% rule and the NT has long led the way with a 15% VLT minimum allowance for windows behind the driver.


Contact me here if you’d like further information or a copy of the State or Territory regulations.

Ford’s record fine

Ford has been ordered to pay the equal highest penalty handed down under Australian Consumer Law - a whopping $10 million - for its poor handling of complaints about PowerShift transmission (PST) cars.


The affected models include the Ford Fiesta, Focus and EcoSport SUVs made between 2011 and 2015 equipped with PowerShift transmission that was causing “shuddering” and “delays”.


Ford has agreed to fix, buy back or replace 10,500 cars.


Rubbing salt into the wound was the fact that customers making initial complaints were told by Ford it was their own fault, insisting the problems were caused by the way people were driving their cars.


Scammers aplenty

Is it just me or does it feel like scammers lurk everywhere? Your mobile phone, home phone, email, Facebook…and it seems the auto glass industry isn’t unscathed.


In light of government warnings regarding cybercrime, businesses should be wary of emails alerting of a change in bank details, or requesting bank information.


Then there’s the AGRR’s equivalent to ambulance chasers in the US. Allegedly, an auto glass company in Tampa used door-to-door tactics where so-called “glass harvester” salespeople try to persuade car owners to file an insurance claim for windscreen replacement despite minimal damage.


If a consumer agrees, they’re forced to sign a contract that allows the glass company to invoice the insurance company directly for payment.


Australia’s National Scams Awareness Week ran from the 21 – 25 May. Download the government resource kit here.


Don’t believe the hype

You may have heard rumour of a recall of certain Hyundai Genesis models due to trouble with the windscreen and rear screen. The AGA contacted Hyundai and was told there is NO recall notice for Hyundai Genesis models in Australia.


Spontaneous breakage lawsuit

From the US: On May 2 Subaru's motion to dismiss a lawsuit requesting class action status on claims of alleged spontaneous windscreen breakage was dismissed by the US District Court for the Northern District of California.


The lawsuit alleges the windscreens of 2015 - 2016 Subaru Outback and Legacy vehicles “contain one or more design and/or manufacturing defects that cause the windshield to crack, chip and/or fracture.”


The two plaintiffs are Lucia Luong and Brian Mann.


Luong purchased a 2015 Outback that same year. She claims in March 2017, a crack “spontaneously appeared” from the bottom of the windscreen, with no visible point of impact. She alleges she was denied warranty coverage, and the replacement windscreen had the same defect.


Mann’s new Subaru Outback was bought in April 2016. In February 2017, within warranty period, Mann alleges he noticed a small crack on the lower right passenger side of his windscreen while driving. Again, he did not see anything impact the windscreen. Within ten minutes, he claims a foot-long crack had formed and within a day, the crack was approximately two feet.


Luxury ute

The new Nissan Navara officially went on sale in Australia on April 12. Mercedes-Benz claims it’s the ‘world’s first luxury dual-cab ute’. One of the many features on offer is an electrically-opening rear window, available in the Style Package ($3750), which also brings LED headlights and tail-lights, tinted windows, side steps, roof rails and 18-inch alloy wheels.


Click here to read more. 


Your life in a car’s hands

What's thought to be the first fatality involving a driverless car occurred in Tempe, Arizona in March, when a woman crossing the road was tragically struck and killed by a driverless Uber vehicle (operating under the supervision of a human safety driver). Still, estimates suggest there will be 10 million such cars on the road by 2020.


For a report titled Automated Vehicles: Liability Crash Course, by J.D. Power and Michigan law firm Miller Canfield, surveys were conducted with more than 1,500 drivers. Consumers surveyed were equally split if they would ride in a fully automated, self-driving vehicle, with 14% saying they “definitely would,” 33% saying they “probably would,” 29% saying they “probably would not” and 17% saying they “definitely would not.”


The report centres on liability issues affecting ADAS, with a particular focus on how ADAS product liability claims may be resolved, as well as which data can be most useful in reconstructing ADAS accidents. It is believed the data will help underwriters develop what will eventually become standard coverage for driverless vehicles.


Is there a glass recycling solution around the corner?

According to Clean Up Australia glass takes a staggering one million years to break down naturally. So, the question of what to do with glass waste not only involves cost and best business practice – it also unearths significant environmental concerns.


The AGA rates glass recycling as one of the key issues facing the Aussie AGRR industry. That’s why we took note when the Australian Window Association introduced us to Chris Grant, Managing Director, 5R Solutions.


5R Solutions is a glass waste reduction company based in New Zealand, which established operations in Christchurch in 2009 and has since expanded nation-wide. At its core, 5R Solutions claims to find sustainable solutions to divert waste glass away from landfill, then process and repurpose it.  


It currently recycles tens of thousands of tonnes of glass each year in New Zealand from clients like Smith & Smith Glass, NAGS, Novus, Viridian and Metro Performance Glass, delivering the glass to end use customers OI Asia Pacific and Tasman Insulation.


This year, 5R Solutions set up in Sydney. It now provides glass recycling services to businesses in the Sydney and greater Sydney regions, with plans to expand across Australia.


Is this new offering the key to safe, fast and environmentally sound glass recycling autoglaziers have been looking for? Chris Grant thinks so.


“Essentially, 5R takes glass destined for landfill and turns it into a product that can be used for applications like bottle manufacturing, building insulation and water filtration,” Chris said. “We work with waste generators to find viable, sustainable and cost-effective solutions to process difficult glass.


“We have opened a fully operational, licenced facility in Sydney that’s ready to receive automotive glass,” Chris added, “We’re committed to solving the glass removal issue for AGRR stakeholders, and will work with each client to develop a waste reduction solution that’s tailored to their individual needs and goals.”


And what of the company’s plans for expansion in Australia?


“Our focus is on the NSW market first,” Chris said, “…but like what has happened in New Zealand, we keep developing and expanding.”


Chris Grant will be presenting to the AGA executive committee at the next committee meeting, on June 19 in Sydney. AGA members will receive a complete report on 5R Solutions after that date.


If you’re interested in learning more about the company please contact Adam Davies, NSW State Manager, 5R Solutions, 0418 675 283 or


Your new AGA go-to person

The AGA appointed Hiliary Bradbury to manage and administer the association secretariat in March this year. Now all membership and association enquiries should be directed to Hiliary on 0498 284 307 or


Many of you may already know Hiliary and her husband Craig. For the past ten years they have run Top End Windscreens & Tinting in the NT. Hiliary's place within the Aussie AGRR industry is a big reason why she was chosen for the role as AGA administration officer.


Rick Janssen, AGA President, comments, “As executive committee member and treasurer, Hiliary proved herself time and again as a switched-on operator with a wealth of knowledge about running an AGRR business. This experience ‘from the trenches’, so to speak, will give her invaluable insight when it comes to running the AGA secretariat and a better understanding of our members’ business needs.”


Hiliary grew up in South West Sydney. She gained a Graduate Diploma in Business Management and was involved with project management, strategic planning and banking before establishing the AGRR business in Darwin in 2008. Years of volunteer work for a variety of community charities and organisations not only speaks to her character, it also provided solid training on the ins-and-outs of successfully running a non-profit association.


For all membership enquiries, Hiliary is available on the AGA phone 0498 284 307 or via email


When the cracks start to show

The AGA has produced a fact sheet educating motorists about the do's and dont's of windscreen repair. Available to all current members, the AGA can brand the A4 page with your logo so you can hand it out to your customers as a promotional tool. Contact for more info. 


What’s in it for me?

Anyone wanting to know why it pays to be an AGA member can have a look at the member benefits info here


Cert III is within reach

For anyone with at least three year’s AGRR experience, gaining your Certificate III in Automotive Glazing Technology is possible through the Recognised Prior Learning program. A joint initiative between the AGA and TAFE NSW Riverina Institute, it’s the first program of its kind in Australia that acknowledges on-the-job training and existing experience.


You don’t have to travel anywhere or have teachers visit your work site. It’s done entirely online through a strict, evidence-based verification process that protects the integrity of the certificate.

For AGA members the cost is $1,980 inc. GST per applicant. For non members, it’s $2,700 inc. GST. Please note – the AGA does not make any money out of this initiative.


For more information, please download the fact sheet here.


Member discounts

The AGA has negotiated a variety of deals for our members with third parties, like RAMS, Fleet Card and Employsure. To learn more please download the flyer here.

From our face to yours

What’s the one thing everyone with a business Facebook account needs? Content. Simply LIKE the AGA Facebook page for weekly Aussie auto glass industry updates that you can share with your followers. It’s a great way to access relevant content for your own page.


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