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Click image above to download flyer

Click image above to download flyer


Australia's first RPL for Certificate III in Automotive Glazing Technology AND and a specialised training portal

The new Recognised Prior Learning (RPL) program for Certificate III in Automotive Glazing Technology - AUR32216, is now available to all eligible auto glass technicians with over three years’ experience. A joint project between TAFE NSW Riverina Institute (RTO code 90005) and the AGA, the program takes into account existing knowledge and on-the-job training to simplify and expedite the certification process.

RPL for Cert III forms the second phase of the AGA’s approach to training, the first being the dedicated online training platform launched last year, with a range of business and technical courses. Every AGA member receives one complimentary licence for the Auto Glass Induction Course.

Significant reductions are offered to AGA members who participate in both training options - the Certificate III in Automotive Glazing Technology and the online training portal courses.

Click on the images above to download the training flyers, which expand on these training programs.

Murray McGrath, AGA President, said, “One of the AGA’s first priorities was to create a program that acknowledges someone’s on-the-job training and existing skillset. TAFE NSW Riverina Institute, our partners in this project, developed a robust evidence-based system that meets this objective and in doing so, expedites and simplifies the Certificate III process. We’re proud to say industry certification is now more attainable than ever before.”

“With the launch of the RPL for Certificate III in Automotive Glazing Technology,” Murray continues, “…there is no reason why all eligible auto glaziers cannot become certified. Establishing this foundation level of training will help strengthen and protect our industry.”

According to TAFE NSW Riverina Institute, being able to issue a Certificate III qualification for auto technicians who already apply a broad range of knowledge and skills to their work is not just an innovation for the auto glass industry, they believe it to be a nationally innovative approach.

Every AGA member in 2015-2016 and 2016-2017 is eligible for one complimentary Auto Glass Induction Course licence as part of their membership package. Click here for more information about joining the AGA.

To learn more or register please email

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