In NSW there has been a determination made under the Motor Vehicle and Repairers Act 2013.

That auto glaziers do not hold an appropriate qualification that provides them with the adequate skills and knowledge to complete recalibration of forward facing cameras on a motor vehicles during the windscreen replacement process.


The AGA continues to be in consultation with the relevant Ministers and NSW Fair Trade.

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What does this mean for the Auto Glazing industry?

This will mean that Automotive Glaziers cannot complete this repair work as part of the windscreen repair process in the future, potentially returning vehicles to customers with replaced/new windscreen glass, but without a recalibrated ADAS system (to manufacturer guidelines) as it must then be performed in another step by a "Motor Mechanic and "Automotive Electrician" generally at other premises or location. This poses a significant risk to the motoring and pedestrian population. Challenges in manufacturing booking capacity and processes as well as the logistics of a potentially two-staged windscreen replacement process will be a deterrent to have the 2nd key step of recalibrating the ADAS system skipped in many instances.

The AGA have been in discussions with NSW Fair Trade and have sent a letter to the Minister for Better Regulation and Innovation.

Letter to Minister!

Letter to Minister Industry Response to NSW Department Of Fair Trade ADAS 231221.pdf


Despite the ever-increasing proliferation of ADAS, which is now a common feature on nearly all new cars, there has been a lack of clear information on how to approach the repair of these safety-critical systems.

To fill that void Thatcham Research has issued a position to enable the automotive industry to efficiently and safely repair ADAS:

The AGA recommends adherence to the "Thatcham Code of Practice"


All calibration activities should be completed by competent persons.

It is Recommended Repairers should:

  • Identify the presence, or not, of ADAS on the vehicle and ensure this is recorded.
  • Where ADAS are present, ensure repair procedures clearly identify if inspection, realignment and calibration are required and why.
  • Complete all relevant inspection, realignment and calibration activities as detailed within the repair procedures.
  • Inspection, calibration, realignment and road tests shall be carried out by a currently competent person.
  • Ensure the calibration results confirm that the sensors are functioning within the vehicle manufacturer’s technical specification.
  • Produce fully verifiable and auditable records and provide a copy to the Asset Owner / Work Provider.

During and following successful calibration of a vehicles forward facing cameras the following information should be captured and retained by the repairer.

•  Name and address of the repairer.

•  Name and address of 3rd party contracted to complete the inspection, realignment and calibration if outsourced.

•  Vehicle make and model.

•  Vehicle registration.

•  Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

•  Vehicle Mileage.

•  Date of calibration.

•  The competent person’s recordable proof of competence.

Refer: Thatcham Insurance Industry Requirements

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