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To assist our association members the AGA is offering to subsidise up to 50% of the Murray Mallee Training Company (MMTC) RPL program enrolment fees on completion subject to  the following terms and conditions.

To be eligible the individual enrolled must.

  • have a minimum 3 years' experience in the industry.
  • be a financial member of the AGA at time of enrolment.
  • provide evidence of full course fee being paid to MMTC.
  • complete the RPL program within 6 months of commencement date confirmed by evidence of final sign-off as per assessor/trainer requirements .

MMTC Cert lll RPL Program


Many of you already have skills and knowledge, gained through working, which could be directly relevant to your course. This is called “recognition”.

By applying for recognition, you could reduce the amount of time you need to study and get your qualification faster. Obtaining recognition also means once you get started in your study, you will only be building new skills, rather than repeating old ones.

How to obtain recognition

You can get recognition in two different ways:


Credit Transfer allows you to receive credit for previously completed unit(s) of competency. 

An RTO can recognise qualifications that have been completed as part of the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) with another RTO.


Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) involves an assessment of your previous skills, knowledge and experience and how they may meet the requirements of the Cert lll in Auto Glazing Technology. Put simply, it means if you can demonstrate you already have the skills and experience you can complete a whole or partial qualification without needing to attend classes or participate in learning.

To receive RPL credit, you will need to provide evidence to the assessor to demonstrate that you have the skills and knowledge to meet the requirements of the course.

Submitted evidence must be current and may include the following items:

  • Portfolio - A portfolio is a collection of assembled evidence that proves that you already have the skills and knowledge in the units or course for which you are seeking RPL. This should include the following information:
    • Job description
    • Performance management report or annual reviews
    • Minutes of meetings attended or conducted
    • Work examples that may include reports, articles or samples of work
    • Publications
    • Email or memo communication with clients or colleagues
  • Media - Media files, such as images, video or audio, which demonstrates communication, customer service or work skills.
  • Certificates or course transcripts - Certificates, Diplomas, Degrees, Statements of results, Courses completed at work.
  • Life experience 
  • Letters and references - Letters of validation from your employers, clients, or people you have worked with.
  • Resume or work history - Documented along with supporting examples and contact details, as some references may require a follow-up phone call.

Your supporting evidence will assist the assessor to map it to the unit(s) of competency (it is the quality of evidence that counts, not quantity), so please include any academic transcript copies verified by the original provider, or original or certified copies of other documentary evidence. 

You may also be required to undertake an interview, practical assessment or challenge tasks to demonstrate that your skills are current.


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