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Engaging in best practice?  

Australian Standards and their absolute adherence are essential to ensure the protection and safety of drivers and their vehicles. 

As a consumer by using an AGA member to repair your vehicle, you can have peace of mind. All our members sign our "Code Of Practice"

The Code demonstrates the high standards adopted by AGA members and the advantages and protection a consumer has in using the facilities and services offered by AGA members.

All Standards documents are protected by copyright and individual user licensed agreements.

AS/NZS 4739-2017 Australian Standard™ - Direct glazed automotive glass replacement-Light vehicles

This Standard specifies the procedure for the replacement of direct glazed automotive glass. The Standard aims to ensure that when direct glazed automotive glass is replaced, the structural integrity, safety features, and the appearance of the vehicle are not compromised.

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AS/NZS 2366.1:1999 Part 1 Repair Procedures™

This standards specifies requirements for repair of damage to laminated safety glass windscreens for road vehicles. Prepared to assist windscreen repairers in their decision to repair a damaged laminated windscreen. It nominates the correct procedures and specifies limits for a successful repair. It is not intended that it be applied to determine the roadworthiness of a motor vehicle although repairing to the Standard might extend the life of a damaged windscreen.

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AS/NZS 2366.2:1999 Part 2  Repair Systems

This standards specifies performance requirements to verify the suitability of windscreen repair systems and application windscreen repair materials, to ensure satisfactory repairs to damaged windscreens.

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AS/NZS 2080-2019 Australian Standard™ - Safety glazing for land vehicles

This Standard specifies requirements and includes methods of test for flat and curved toughened and laminated safety glazing for windscreens and other glazing for land vehicles.

This Standard applies to safety glazing materials intended for installation as windscreens or other panes, or as partitioning, on power-driven vehicles and their trailers, to the exclusion however of glass panes for lighting, light-signalling devices and instrument panels.

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