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Despite the ever-increasing proliferation of ADAS, which is now a common feature on nearly all new cars, there has been a lack of clear information on how to approach the repair of these safety-critical systems.

To fill that void Thatcham Research has issued a position to enable the automotive industry to efficiently and safely repair ADAS:

The AGA recommends adherence to the "Thatcham Code of Practice

All calibration activities should be completed by competent persons

It is Recommended Repairers should:

  • Identify the presence, or not, of ADAS on the vehicle and ensure this is recorded.
  • Where ADAS are present, ensure repair procedures clearly identify if inspection, realignment and calibration are required and why.
  • Complete all relevant inspection, realignment and calibration activities as detailed within the repair procedures.
  • Inspection, calibration, realignment and road tests shall be carried out by a currently competent person.
  • Ensure the calibration results confirm that the sensors are functioning within the vehicle manufacturer’s technical specification.
  • Produce fully verifiable and auditable records and provide a copy to the Asset Owner / Work Provider.

During and following successful calibration of a vehicles forward facing cameras the following information should be captured and retained by the repairer.

•  Name and address of the repairer.

•  Name and address of 3rd party contracted to complete the inspection, realignment and calibration if outsourced.

•  Vehicle make and model.

•  Vehicle registration.

•  Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

•  Vehicle Mileage.

•  Date of calibration.

•  The competent person’s recordable proof of competence.

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