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The Australian Standard that all autoglaziers should be familiar with, which covers the replacement of auto glass, is AS4739:2017 Direct Glazed Automotive Glass Replacement - Light Vehicles.

From 2016 - 2017, the AGA head up the group comprising representatives from all aspects of the industry, who worked together to revise the previous standard to ensure it was a better reflection of modern glass replacement practices. The revision was published November 2017.

President of the AGA and member of the Standards Australia AS4739 revision committee, Rick Janssen, comments, “The release of the revised standard is a huge milestone for our industry and the AGA. From the outset, the association’s mission has been to lift industry standards. Working closely with Standards Australia and other industry representatives to publish the standard that sets modern safe practice, means we’ve achieved that goal. The most obvious area not addressed previously regarded ADAS. The revised standard references the Thatchum Research Code of Practice* for industry best practice when recalibration is required. The emphasis is also on training to use appropriate installation methods and products. For example, using glass that meets AS2080. Also using direct glazing adhesives specifically engineered for this purpose, that meet or exceed the frontal impact test requirements of FMVSS 212 Windscreen Mounting.”

The AGA recommends all autoglaziers purchase a copy of AS4739:2017.

AS 4739-2017 Australian Standard™

Direct glazed automotive glass replacement-Light vehicles

This Standard specifies the procedure for the replacement of direct glazed automotive glass. The Standard aims to ensure that when direct glazed automotive glass is replaced, the structural integrity, safety features, and the appearance of the vehicle are not compromised.

AS4739 2017 Direct Glazed Automotive Light Vehicles Sample.pdf

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Installers must use a high-quality approved adhesive and install according to all industry standards. The adhesive must meet standards - Windshield Retention Crash (FMVSS 212) and Occupant Retention (FMVSS 208).

All glazing units fitted into a vehicle must meet the requirements of Australian Design Rule ADR 8/01 and comply with Australian Standard AS/NZS2080:2006 or equivalent International Standards.

AS 2080-2006 Australian Standard™

Safety glazing for land vehicles

This Standard specifies requirements and includes methods of test for flat and curved toughened and laminated safety glazing for windscreens and other glazing for land vehicles.

This Standard applies to safety glazing materials intended for installation as windscreens or other panes, or as partitioning, on power-driven vehicles and their trailers, to the exclusion however of glass panes for lighting, light-signalling devices and instrument panels.

AS2080 2006 Safety Glazing for Land Vehicles Sample.pdf

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